Midterm Finish…follow by Reading Week

Today was my last midterm… sigh I did not do well. It is one of those course that you had set time aside to study each week and not those course you could just go to lecture and just before examination study for a few days and you’re good. It was taxation II Corporate Tax course, I took first part of Taxation I Personal Tax during the summer. I also did not do well in midterm but pretty much KILL the final which the course had a policy of if you do better in final, your over all grade will be weighted more on final than the midterm because most of the time people don’t do well in the course lol. Taxation is a really different kind of course, its just different, it takes a bit longer to understand. In my opinion you can’t read the damn book, you have to do the problem and then see how the rules are apply.

Guess this term’s reading week I will have to actually do some reading so the coming month I can relax a bit and the transition into final examination will be smoother.


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