Suzumiya Haruhi-chan – 05 & 06

Episode 05

Haruhi plays dirty as usual but I don’t really feel sorry for the computer club guys 😀

Episode 06

Yuki is turning out to be a interesting character, her jokes are good because she keeps a straight face 😀

In the episodes now, there are clips with tv series style animation (non-chibi)

from Random Curiosity

Why doesn’t Yuki just clean the windows lol, poor Achakura (Ryōko Asakura) but that what they call karma 😉

In the end of episode 6 Yuki signs the song Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori which is the OP song for Ga-Rei Zero I’m still reading the manga and when I get the chance I would check out the anime series. Another song included in the album is called Yuuki no Kodou. I really like the songs!


Gai Rei Zero OP

for more info check out Random Curiosity
for DL sub shamisensubs


3 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi-chan – 05 & 06

  1. animekritik February 28, 2009 / 7:45 am

    those eps were awesome. more and more i feel haruhi-chan and churuya-san are really great at giving us different angles on the characters, fleshing out the personalities. wouldn’t it be totally awesome if haruhi-chan episodes gradually included more and more regular animation and eventually “morph” into the second season?!

  2. Mike March 2, 2009 / 11:26 am

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  3. Rin March 3, 2009 / 4:09 am

    I LOVE CHIBI-ness and the new cosplay rivals…LOL!!!!!
    LOLI Asakura!!!!!!!

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