White Album – 10

Given that Random Curiosity drop the series and that I enjoy watching the show why not blog it. Eclipse fansubbers does a good job releasing white album in timely basis.

The episode starts off with Misaki in the hospital, it was only a sprain nothing serious. Akira was by her side the whole time. It seems the news that Rina will not be on prime time TV when public. Misaki call Touya’s dad to tell him she is fine. Touya’s dad seems to have a medical condition. This could be the reason why he treats Touya the way he does. Eiji is having all these wagers with President Kanzaki, I guess Eiji does want things to be more interesting things to happen, but media industries is known to be dark and shady things happens.
Misaku and Akira spends some time together in the episode. Misaku is using Akira shield as she was no one else to turn to or maybe she see this as her “punishment” for what she try to do behind Yuki’s back.

Yuki asks Yayoi to deliver a letter to Touya because she doesn’t have time to see him and it is regarding upcoming live concert.
During the talk with her brother Rina property shed a tear but didn’t show it. I’m just waiting for the moment Rina cracks open as it is going to happen, Rina cannot always be like this and hide her feelings. It seems that Club Calma where Rina is having the concert is only capable of holding 1,300 which is only 1/15 of the Arena (place lost to the Saukra Girls). It seems Rina really cares for Yuki as she warns her brother not to destroy her. I guess her friendship is true and not just some BS. Later in the episode you will also see Rina writing a letter to Yuki giving her tips on the upcoming concert. It seems Eiji is pushing Rina’s button does he think this will make her stronger in the future or trying to break her now?

What happen in the Yuunagi Thespian Club spread all over campus and Tamaru is humiliated. Tamaru doesn’t hide it as he shows his angry/fugly face towards Touya, luckily he was save by Haruka and she informs Touya that Yuki will not becoming until the concert is over.

Rina wants Touya as her manager, personal assistant, roadie. Yuki seems surprise and becomes bit unhappy because she things Rina and Touya have some kind of relationship. As Rina leaves she tells Yuki that she will make sure no “bugs” as Yayoi? comes near him.

Rina and Touya head back to Echoes to discuss about concert and he sees Misaku and Akira. Akira is giving Touya attitude but being they’re guys they will probably get over it. Rina decided to have the Yuunagi stadium do a live broadcast of the Club Calma concert.

It seems that Eiji and Kanazki is having another wager on who will have the highest number of spectator mobilized. Also Yuki having her first choreography. It seems that Yayoi is getting threaten well more like stalker phone calls and letters from Hiiragi (Rina’s ex-manager). She rips the letter but she rips Yuki’s letter to Touya instead. Rina later finds it and pieces it back together.
Yayoi goes to see Touya as usual and we see that she is actually human and is afraid of the stalker phone calls from Hirragi. In Yuki’s letter, she asks Touya to come see her concert and tells him about the concerns she has. Rina reply “It’s too late…Yuki” It probably means that day he has to be in Rina’s concert and cannot attend Yuki’s.

No Mana (the loli) in this week’s episode, I’m interested on how she is connected.

In preview it says “Time does not solve the thorns in our heart. It just puts a label of oblivion on it” it implies to Misaku but maybe other characters as well?


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