White Album – 11

Nothing happen much in this episode -_-

Rina basically needs 46701 spectators or more to win if the Arena is sold out. Rina has a talk with Yayoi-san asking her why she didn’t deliver the letter to Fujii-kun. Yayoi-san respones was she will remove all obstacles for the Yuki’s Eve concert. Seems like Rina knows the importance as well and she will not or cannot tell Yuki or Fujii-kun about it.

Rina cannot focus at her practices, she keeps on messing up. Basically Fujii-kun is hire to just sit there I wish I had a job like that…
Yuki has a nightmare about her performance and about Fujii-kun about how they cannot or has not talk to each other and don’t know each other feelings no more.

Mana, Fujii, and Haruka all meet together at once. Mana still thinks Haruka is “Yuki” and that Fujii-kun is crazy 😉 Haruka called Mana a Zashiki Warashi child ghost? I like the part where Haruka introduces herself and Mana was like blood type AB? I was like WTF lol

Fujii has a mental break down because he couldn’t speak to Yuki and doesn’t know her feeling. And that she didn’t invite him to her concert which we know she did in the letter. Yayoi-san conforms him by making out.

Rina and Yuki had a phone call but when Yuki ask Rina if Fujii-kun said anything about about her and she was like NO!

Rina asks Fujii to go dinning with her tomorrow after his shift at Echoes and Fujii could said he already has with Yayoi-san. Rina-chan was like O_O

So what is Rina thinking by being with Fujii-kun so he doesn’t cheat on Yuki is helping her? ?_?


One thought on “White Album – 11

  1. Zastruga January 20, 2010 / 2:11 am

    LMFAO!!! I like the idea of putting small funny quotes on the pics funny as hell … and thanks for the summary of the episode! i tried searching in wiki but it stopped on episode 6 and this summary is kind of fun to read … hope every summary is like this!!

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