White Album – 12

Rina already knows what Yayoi is trying to do to Fujii. She warns him to stop seeing her. Fujii reply be she only gives me rides home. Fujii thinks he is an obstacle to Yuki’s future. To stop Yayoi and Fujii’s meeting tomorrow, Rina poses that she would meet Fujii at Echoes and that they would go on a date.

Rina waited for Fujii down stairs but he never showed up. Fujii asked Yayoi to give him a ride home. At the end Fujii ask Yayoi to his room and they did it I guess.

Next day, Rina shows her angry by running in the rain. She then had no choice but to tell Fujii about Yuki’s letter. Yuki wanted to give Fujii a surprise about her first live concert but it fail. Yuki really want Fujii to come to her concert. After hearing Yuki’s letter, Fujii crys like a baby -_- Rina mumbles something and says “To be torturing my dear Yuki this much, I don’t need someone like that” and fires Fujii. I guess Rina didn’t really want to fire Fujii, she kind of show regret after wards but I could be wrong.

Fujii calls Yuki leaving her the message he will be there on Christmas Eve. He calls all the ticket office but couldn’t get a hold of a ticket.

He tutors Mana next day telling her his problem of not being able to get a hold of a ticket. Haruka finds out through Mana and the ticket search beginnings.

A surprise in this week’s episode was who Mana’s mother was. They don’t seem to have a good relationship. Mana basically gets Yuki’s concert tickets for Fujii and a gift Fujii to give to Yuki as well. Mana so thoughtful.

Misaki also gives her ticket to Fujii saying she something came out and she can’t attend, which is of course a lie. Haruka then drops off her ticket. Now stupid Fujii goes from having none to three tickets. -_-

Tamaru goes and becomes a fag again. Goes and stabs Misaki with a prop knife. Lucky Misaki had the book Fujii borrow from him so Tamaru not knowing stab the book.

Echoes master even goes as punches Fujii to get some sense into him about not getting more rides from Yayoi but he still does. Fujii is addicted to the seduction. He can’t stop now.

He attends Yuki’s concert with flower and present in hand.

I thought it was really super nice and cool what Mana, Misaki and Haruka did for Fujii, but does he deserve it? NO!

Next week is last episode of season one. How will it end? I think probably either Yuki and Fujii will be together at the end and season two will be a the true coming out to haunt him or they break up and season two, Fujii trys to get Yuki back.


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