Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures I took, was transfer stuff from my phone.

This week:
It seems like some people on my campus build a Tim Horton Cup Tower pretty neat. There was two but now there is just one… You can still see the cups for broken tower on the floor.

Last Sunday:
Robarts Library on St. George Campus, it was my first time going out of my four years of University. Given that I live on the East side I usually don’t go to this campus, but some of my friends that live near North York or the West of Toronto often goes here to study, closer than UTSC. The library has 14 stories? Good thing there was an elevator 😀 When there on a Sunday to do our group project, it was nice and quite but still saw a lot of people there on the first floor and the computer area.

Last Saturday:
Was in the area of Woodbine and Major Mackenzie (they have a big India Tower/Church near there you can’t miss that thing its huge), saw that they had a model home showing so why not.

During Last week:
Refill my toner, didn’t know its a powder. It would of when smoother if I read the instruction. I made a waste hole instead of the topper hole where you’re suppose to pour the powder into… Pretty easy to do, but I will have to get a toner cartage in the future maybe after two more refills.


2 thoughts on “Random Pictures

  1. yumyu March 27, 2009 / 8:50 pm

    I actually haven’t been to the new science building. So far to walk all the way there.

  2. balance March 28, 2009 / 1:02 pm

    I had my finance midterm there last semester and my friends wanted to go have a look. Well it is far for us non science students. Nothing really interested there I only found One lecture hall and other other are like labs….

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