White Album – 13 (S1 End)

S2 in Fall
S2 in Fall

Last episode of White Album season 1, season 2 will start in Fall.

Fujii attends Yuki concert, while at the same time Rina’s and Sakura girl’s concert is happening at the same time.

After the concert Yuki was able to finally talk to Fujii. She is kind of depress how Haruka, Misaki and others didn’t come because she sent tickets too them, we all know why they didn’t show because they gave their tickets to Fujii but ofcourse Fujii can’t tell her that.

Yuki gives a new phone to Fujii as X-mas present. She tells him she loves him. Eiji and Fujii leave together and they have their talk about Yuki’s future and he knows the relationship between him and Yayoi. Also kind of imply what will he do if he was his rival?

While the mean time Rina goes to the stadium for the encore. Talk about dangerous driving :/ but she made it. They also won contest over Sakura girl’s.

When Fujii gets home he is surprise to find Mana there. I guess Mana is looking for a father figure? She got no one to spend Christmas Eve with, given her mother’s work. She also gets a fever and Yayoi takes her to the hospital.

Haruka drops by after depress/angry because Fujii spend time with Mana. Haruka see Fujii as his dead brothers replacement so she is really relying on him. Haruka had to spend the night alone in the park because she gave her tickets to him. Haruka leaves all depress and Fujii chases after her to the park.

Misaki and Akira goes and visits Fujii’s father and probably finds him collapse in his house. They rush to let Fujii know in the park.
A lot of stuff going on. The developers wants us to watch season 2 I guess 😉


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