Denon AH-C551 Earphones

AH-C551 Review
AH-C751 Review

I was drag to the Denon yearly warehouse sale by my audiophile uncle. There was good stuff there if you wanted speakers, A/V receivers, etc. TVs was sold on the first day =( Most stuff was manufacturer refurbished. Expect for some and of course cable, headsets, earphones are all brand new seal. It was final sale it comes with 90 days warranty.

While I was there I picked up the AH-C551 for 29.99 CAD while the AH-C751 was selling for 59.99 CAD. I probably can’t tell the difference between the two ^^;;;

I never owned earphones before because it seem kind of expensive but for 29.99 it seemed reasonable. I always just thought that the ear phones provides noise cancel but never knew they give bass too!

The earphone comes with three size rubber caps to give you a perfect fit. I’m using the small size as the midsize was too big for me.

I have been using these for a week now. First impression was the noise cancelation was awesome in class. I had to take off my earphones every time when my friend who sat next to me said something. They make good ear plug lol. The bass is really nice too! Only problems with earphone is that make sure your ears are clean lol because you have to shove that thing in your ear -.-


One thought on “Denon AH-C551 Earphones

  1. Rin April 4, 2009 / 1:58 am

    Maybe I should consider getting new headphones…
    My current headphones I use, I have them for like a year now and still works fine…
    Well…really cool headphones!!!! Real nice!!!!!!

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