Haruhi-chan 19-20 & Nyoron 10 plus K-ON OPED

Haruhi-chan 19
Raw: Here
Sub: Here

Haruhi-chan 20
Raw: Here
Sub: Here

Nyoron 10
Raw: Here
Sub: Here

Busy with studying… K-ON ep 3 was nice

I want to try that on Mio...
I want to try that on Mio...

Another series that should be getting more attention and isn’t is the manga turn anime series Cross Game. Let me state this I DON’T WATCH AND LIKE SPORTS ANIME, but decided to give it a try because people said it was NOT bad. Watched episode ONE and was moved! It was really good. I even read up to the manga now. Ko and Aoba love and hate relationship is really interesting. So GO CHECK OUT CROSS GAME if you haven’t already!!!

Forgot to add, there was news that the OP and ED got leak? and you can see them on youtube. Not sure if they’re really the actual FULL songs but it can help satisfy your craving for now… until offical full singles get release.
[Shin] K-ON! – Cagayake! GIRLS (FULL Size?)
[Shin] K-ON! – Don’t say “lazy” (FULL Size?) v2
Thanks to guys at loliduo


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