Vexille 2007

10 years has passed since Japan had decided to leave the United Nations to go into isolation. They have completely blocked the islands with an ultra magnetic field which prevents anyone to see what is going inside, nor for people to travel in/out of the country. This was a result to opposing to a treaty which UN has passed, preventing the development of all bio and robot technology which has evolved drastically and has become a threat to the human beings. When Japan finally begins to move, the US government sends in a special force team SWORD, lead by a female commander Vexille, to investigate what is really happening inside the closed country. What has become of Japan? Why did this happen? What is Daiwa trying to do? Who is Maria, and why is she helping Vexille? Will Vexille be able to find out the answers to avoid the world from falling apart? One mystery leads to another which directs to the dramatic ending….

from animedb

I really enjoyed the movie! I liked it more than Appleseed Saga Ex Machina. Ex Machina felt kind of lame with the Briareos and Tereus issue but I really like Appleseed the first movie. Anyways back to Vexille, like Appleseed the animation is just gorgeous and action of course is awesome! The story is very interesting, why did Japan decide to go into isolation from the world? You go find out for yourself.


One thought on “Vexille 2007

  1. animekritik May 7, 2009 / 9:20 pm

    this does look very interesting! i’ll try to take a look..

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