Canaan (カナン) aka 428 the animation

Fanart by Kito
Fanart by Kito

So Canaan is finally here. Like many others I have been waiting for the next “type-moon” series. =D

Fanart by ヒュドラ
Fanart by ヒュドラ

pixiv already have some Canaan fanart around, there should be more next week, hopefully. I have been busy with lots of stuff recently that’s why there hasn’t been new posts, so bear with me 😀

For Summary and screenshots head to RC’s Blog.

So Canaan has the power to use all five sense at once and that makes her a “Synesthesist” – from gg sub. Other interesting parts is Canaan and Maria Oosawa kind of look alike, I think they have a deeper relationship than just “friends”. As it seems the “snakes” are the bad guy for now. Kind of depress how the series only has 13 episode which seems to be the stand for anime series now. Looking forward to next episode.

428 is being ported to the PS3 and PSP by Spike
428 is being ported to the PS3 and PSP by Spike

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One thought on “Canaan (カナン) aka 428 the animation

  1. Saku July 8, 2009 / 8:51 pm

    thanks for sharing. I haven’t had a chance to check out summer anime yet. Will check this out when I have a chance.

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