1000 W0RDS by *yuumei

1000 Words by yuumei on deviantart
1000 Words by yuumei on deviantart

This is a very good short story I came over while browsing through deviantart. I really loved the art work, thought I would share it. 😀 It’s in flash so click the picture above and you would redirected to the deviantart page. Enjoy!

From Yuumei

I’m really new with flash so please tell me if you find any mistakes! Thank you!

Woot! I finished my first ever one shot comic! 😀 It’s 56 pages excluding the copyright page. I don’t know how long it too me but it was a lot of work. This is practice for my future big Project WE. I want to see how well a web comic works so please provide lots of feedback and advice! 😀

Even though this is just “practice”, the story still means a lot to me. It is based off of my other work Tape it Back Together [link] , it also explores the purpose art, what is art, and what art means to me personally. I hope this will set the stage for what Project We will be. But don’t get me wrong, Project WE will be nothing like 1000 W0RDS. Project WE will be multiple chapters, the pages will be larger, the art will be better, and the story is completely unrelated to 1000 W0RDS.

For all those who are curious, the little girl’s name is Fantine, and the guy’s name is Linus. I MIGHT continue 1000 W0RDS after I finish Project WE years from now 😀

Drawn in Paint tool SAI, texture and editing done in Photoshop, web comic programming done in Macromedia Flash.


One thought on “1000 W0RDS by *yuumei

  1. Mozelle February 18, 2013 / 8:56 pm

    “1000 W0RDS by *yuumei « t3h balancebox HQ” actually got me personally hooked with your website!
    I reallydefinitely will wind up being back more
    frequently. Thanks a lot -Randal

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