Downtown Toronto

Lake Ontario

Facing South
CN Tower
Yonge St
Scott St
Scott St

Made a few trips to downtown in the past week. Photo was taken with my HTC phone 3.2 mega pixels. My sony camera broke =( Been looking into getting a dslr camera to replace that. Real estate in Toronto is going up like crazy. Average about $500-$600+ish per square feet. People say its going to be like Vancouver and New York prices sooner or later, which is like 1000 per square feet?. Good thing about facing north in a building is the lake view in the morning. At night its all dark :/ Facing north has a nice city view at night ^^ btw the picture was taken at the Cosmopolitan Hotel as they where having an open house. In my opinion never buy facing west it gets hot as hell in the afternoon but for those who love the sun I guess its ok.


One thought on “Downtown Toronto

  1. Flamey December 26, 2009 / 12:45 am

    The hell? Didn’t get snow? Lucky bastards.

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