K-ON! OVA Blu-ray

Look to the future

Ah watching this episode warms my heart! It feels like a long time since I watched K-ON! But after watching through the OP it all came back.

Blu-ray looks awesome
More like a bad drawing than an autograph...
Go GO power rangers!
I first thought it was a symbol of dog crap
U know what this leads to... tea time...
Gives off the midnight club feel
An ep without cake isn't k-on ep
Until Season 2...
Stay LAZY!

Can’t believe the file size was so small considering its 720p bluray. So until second season. Good bye for now, K-ON~


2 thoughts on “K-ON! OVA Blu-ray

  1. flamable January 21, 2010 / 5:29 pm


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