Energy ROM HERMAN 21903 Sense2.5 Cookie HomeTab May.09.2010 Build

Sense 2.5 Home Screen on HTC Pro build 21903

After MightyRom6 final release, I never did change the ROM on my phone. At that time Sense 2.5 hasn’t mature enough to be use for daily use. The Energy ROM HERMAN 21903 is the stable build. Always get the stable build unless you have a phone extra phone. I did try the beta build, it has some nice feature like start button on bottom left instead of top left but its much slower and buggier of course.

On MightyRom6 I used the HTC TouchFlow3D user interface (UI). The Sense 2.5 still maintained the scroll through bar (Flow Bar I guess) but included new tabs like stocks, calendar, etc.

Calendar Tab
Stock Tab
Weather Tab

One big improvement is being able to launch programs from Home Tab, instead of having to go to a directory of programs tab, you can now launch with a push of a button. I use the default 4 quick link program button. You can have up to 3 rows (a row containing max of 5 program links) depending on your screen size. The HTC Pro‘s screen size is only 2.8 Inch, so four is more than enough. And with a flick up action I can bring up quick link application page, max of 5 page, so you are able to have 5^3=125 quick link launch.

Program Quick Link Lanuch

Sense 2.5 Cookie HomeTab also comes with three lock screen setting, manila (like iphone unlock), windows (default windows mobile 6.5 unlock) and lastly HD Mini (like android OS unlock, flick a black bar down to unlock).

Manila Unlock Style

You can also fully customize the lock screen like you are able to with the home tab.

Start Menu
Tools available
Setting Backup

The ROM is loader with tons of stuff, I love how they have the setting backup so when you upgrade your ROM, you do not have to manually reset the settings one by one.

Action Menu

The action menu brings up quick access to wi-fi, bluetooth, sms, etc.

Beta version with start button bottom left

Also before flashing to a new ROM, do the Task29 Flashing first, it basically like formats the phones memory ensuring the previous ROM is complete remove.

One application the ROM does not come with is stop watch application so I use this one call StopWatch 2.2. Nice gui and it works.

FYI, you can only flash ROMs after you unlocked your phone, which is the most dangerous part of the whole process. You only need to do it once, so read first and find the right unlocking tool for your phone, if not IT MIGHT BRICK YOUR PHONE. Unlocking your phone allows you to flash custom ROMs and try different Radios, etc. Try with your own risk. 😉


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