Canon and Nikon Lens Mug

Canon and Nikon Len Mug

The Canon and Nikon Lens Mug I ordered from DealExtreme finally came. Lets have a look at if it is worth the money and the trouble…

24-105 mm canon mug
mug cap is like the lends hood
stainless steel inside
quality not very good
comes with non switchable buttons
made in japan logo
Red Ring
Bottom View

This 24-105 mm mug cost $19.07. The detail is good but the quality does not match, but the aperture and distance displace is not just a cheap sticker like you will see later on the other canon mug. Also the mug is hard to open and close because the hood has soft plastic but it does hold 350 ml of liquids. It does come with a carrying bag but the bag feels cheap, but for under $20 you can not complain.

24-70mm Nikon mug
detail is excellent
Gold Foil Ring
Made in Japan So detail =)
non switchable buttons
Zoomable mug!
highest it can go
cap looks very close to the real thing
Nikon logo at the bottom

This zoomable 24-70mm mug cost $26.80 the most expensive of the mugs. There is also another 24-70mm mug but it’s not zoomable and that one cost $21.50. But the aperture and distance displace on the cheaper mug is a sticker while the one here isn’t and the cap looks like the real thing. Only holds 300 ml liquids, so not very much, hell 350 ml isn’t very much either.

the legendary canon mug
the aperature and distance display is a sticker
non switchable buttons
70-200mm display
top view
bottom has canon logo
the official canon 70-200 mm mug
Left - offical mug Centre - real lens Right - Ebay version (similar to the one from DX)

This 70-200mm mug cost $21.60. It looks very plastic, and aperture and distance display is a sticker but it does have non switchable switch that the official mug does not have. The 70-200 label is also on the wrong side, it should be under the aperture and distance display. They were giving out the official canon mug during Vancouver 2010 Winter Game. The cap does not look like the right thing and there is a small hole on the cap so its not spill proof.

My first lens I ever purchase are lens mug, I'm too poor for the real thing =(

Also when you order be prepare to wait 2-3 weeks for them. DX also charges you when you order not when it is ship so if you decide to cancel before the shipping process wait another 1 week for your refund. If you buy 3 or more of the same mug you get a discount per unit, so maybe get your friends or colleges to buy it together to save money. Shipping is always free! It also makes a great gifts for people who are into photography! The zoomable Nikon mug is my favor, it might be more expensive than the rest but definite worth it! I think DX have the best price for these mug so far, some places online are charging $40+ for one of these. I hope they get the Nikon 70-200 mm mug soon!


2 thoughts on “Canon and Nikon Lens Mug

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