Why Adblock is a must!

In response to some of the comments above re. adblock.

The internet is no longer there to provide users with a service. It is there to exploit users, steal and sell your personal details and information, and jam adverts down you throat whether you want them or not.

If you allow them to dump adverts and crap on you, that is your own fault. You wouldn’t allow anyone to throw crap into your home, would you?

Typically, my users report that the internet is slow. I bring them to my PC and show them that web pages respond in a second or so. They cannot understand why. For them, waiting even a few minutes has become normal and they seem resigned to it.

A typical web page that you visit, will have many links hidden in it to sites that exploit your browser. Each link is contacted so that cookies may be loaded on your pc and run. Your browser has to wait for them to load before it can go to the page you wanted to see. If that linked spam site takes 25 seconds to reply, that is 25 seconds that you have to wait. After it has replied, a cookie will be loaded onto your pc to run (to steal your personal information maybe, or to provide you with “a richer experience”) – and the browser moves on to the next spam link. Some web pages have 30 such embedded links. I have even seen one with almost 70. Sometimes we never get to see the page we clicked on.

And there are even internet service providers who intercept your traffic and insert ads into your incoming data. You may see localized ads that you cannot escape often advertising your ISP’s services and local shopping malls or online sales and marketing organizations.

For newcomers to the web who are impressed by this state of affairs, I would like them to know that the internet is quite often slower now than it was 16 years ago on an old 56kbps dialup phone modem.

There are a growing number of people who resent this and there are softwares to prevent your web browser being taken over by these businesses. Usually they are designed to work with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers or those derived from them.

The first one I always load is called “ghostery” and the second is “adblock plus”. UBlock Origin is also good. Be careful with others because most of them actually spam you with ads themselves.

Your PC …. in conjunction with a decent browser … has the power and the ability to speed up your browsing without having to maintain lists or do anything complicated. Use it! Get control of your internet back!


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