WIP New ESXI 6.0 Dual Xeon 1366 Part 2


Added the 12 x 5TB drives onto the supermicro 846 chassis. The fans are pretty loud even at  Continue reading


VMware ESXI 5.5 and Vcenter/vCenter Server Appliance 1476389

vmware esxi



Datastorage: kingston ssd 64gb, toshibaQ ssd 120, toshiba 500gb 2.5inch hdd


Over the past few days I have been scratching my head trying to install vCenter after upgrading my esxi lab to 5.5. It requires you to management your esxi vm using their new vsphere webclient. I could no get the SSO login to work.

Lucky I stumble onto a site call TinkerTry @ http://www.tinkertry.com/. It even have a full written and video guide for the averge job like me 😀

Check full Vsphere 5.5 install esxi 5.5 and vcenter and vsphere web client


Cyberpower UPS automated shutdown for VMware ESXi lab


all by Paul Braren check him out!

my esxi 5.5 specification

  • Supermicro X9SCM-F
  • Intel Xeon 1260L @ 2.40hz
  • 16GB Kingston ECC memory
  • Datastorge: kingston ssd 64gb, toshibaQ ssd 120, toshiba 500gb 2.5inch hdd
  • Powersupply: PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK II 500W
  • M1015 Raid card in IT-Mode for freenas
  • kingston usb as esxi boot drive